Igor Roffman

Igor has developed a deep appreciation for San Francisco since moving here from Europe 7 years ago. It was here in the charming Bay Area that he discovered his true passion and purpose – real estate.

Igor graduated with a Master’s degree in Sport Science and has maintained the pursuit and study of sports activities as a highly motivational hobby. After college, he was fortunate enough to travel all over the world for several years where he learned about various cultures, languages and countries. During these years of exploration he met many inspiring people and gained an even clearer perspective about the world and life.

Igor has distinguished himself as exactly the sort of realtor a busy professional seeks - efficient, charismatic, graceful and unflinching in negotiations. These natural talents topped with his intelligence and aptitudes enable him to succeed. Igor credits his parents, mentors and international travel for his principles and values. He has learned to invest in relationships built on trust.

Working with Igor is a pleasure and when you combine that with his strong ethics, integrity and drive it is a formula for clients to reach any of their real estate goals.